Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009: CQ WPX SSB: Anza-Borrego State Park.

The area is green after the rains - mild temps and rfi-free
environment, makes for fun HF portable operations.

2009: CQ WPX SSB Contest portable : Anza-Borrego State Park


Camp site at : 33.157596N, 116.150873W

Using 20m/40m with hamstick antennas.
This area is RF silent, with noise floor around S1. Portable
operation is really easy with low power. Noise floor of S1, makes it
easy to virtually hear all the signals on the band.
Plenty of terrain here to put up nice wire antennas.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2008 Dayton: Those with deep pockets.

For those with deep pockets.

2008 Dayton : Icom display

Aaah ...new IC7700

2008 Dayton - Yaesu display

Some Yaesu HF gear on display.

2008 Dayton Hamvention

IC 7700 on display

2008 Dayton

Many options for rig control s/w were available.

Ham Mobile : 2008 Dayton Hamvention

Antenna experiments?

2008 : Dayton

For those of us who need more audio pre-processing... there's always
room for more toys in the shack.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well - then... maybe when operating /MM ?

2008 : Dayton Hamvention

toys toys toys,.

2008 : Dayton - Steppir motor

The inner workings of the SteppIR motor drive and element control motor.

2008 Dayton Hamvention

The place to be ...
shoppers paradise.

If you've never visited Dayton - you should make it a priority this year.

2009 Coronado, CA

At this QTH, my antennas consist of wire dipoles, and
wire vertical on 20 & 40m.
Keep it simple shack.

2003 - Carmel Valley, CA - Spot the 706

The IC706 fits nicely into the workplace.
Simple wire dipole, abt 15ft above grnd from this Carmel Valley location.
Zero lot-lines make where antennas make neighbors very nervous.

Stealth skills put to the test at this HQ.

HF Mobile Palomar Mt. , CA Dec 2003

HF Mobile
IC 706 MKiiG, Hamstick, 100W
Nice view from this elevetion.

Del Mar, CA Oct 2003 - HF 20m Mobile - working ZS

2003-10-14 08h24 PDT - Del Mar - CA
20m SSB Long Path to ZS1XD !!!
Hamstick and 100W barefoot. What a nice surprise to work Home from
halfway around the world.

On the workbench.

Minimalist operating position.

HF portable.

IC 706 MKiiG ready for portable use. 706 is getting a workout here -
inside the shack - ARRL dx SSB contest - 2009

HF in a box.

My HF portable station is taking shape. IC706 MKiiG in a water proof
box, ready for mobile/portable use.

For portable use, the battery goes in the box 7Ah 12V Gel Cel.

IC7000 - New toy - March 2009

What a great radio - IF DSP Rocks.
Antenna is Wire Vertical, using MFJ telescopic 33ft mast. (base at about 15 ft above sea level)
Ground plane is salt water in canal 10m from the base of the vertical.