Saturday, October 31, 2009

Softrock txrx 6.3 (1W) nearly completed

The Softrock 6.3 txrx kit will test a few more of your smt skills, but with a little persistence and after a few hours of building, the board is coming together nicely. The main board acts as motherboard for the rx BPF's as well as multiple Power Amps. The PA modules can be purchased separate for each band-combination you require (eg. 40/80, 30 - 17, 15 - 10) The smt components on this design is all mounted on the reverse side with through hole components on the top. Tony's design is very good and so is the quality of the manufacturing of the boards. As always with kits and projects, once you start, the thing has to get done, and you can't wait to get it on-air. No different here.
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