Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WWW-SDR - Multi-tuner

To demonstrate the ability to run multiple tuners at once, I configured the server to run 3 x tuners concurrently. The www view demonstrates this view, with multiple spectrum modes as well.  Each receiver can be controlled independently of the others - but combined in a single www view.

Ability to view multiple receivers via a single browser.


  1. i have no real understanding about what is SDR
    what is required for it, what can be done with it.

    All information i found seem to target people to whom these questions have already been answered.

    care to give a beginners guide on your blog?

  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    I've been working on putting together some
    notes on Software Defined Radio (SDR) principles.

    From a definition perspective, very good information can always be found here:

    Watch this space for more information about my specific experiment. In concept, SDR designs have far greater utility than traditional h/w rf designs. (analog or digital)

    In my experiment, I am exploring several aspects of this exciting technology. (H/W and S/W DSP as well as mobile applications and cognitive radio)

  3. Software looks great.!

    Multi-connects with web browser interface is a great idea and provide the most flexibility...
    I built some softrock ensembleII sdr's and installed PA3FWM's web software. It is similar to your software, but it appears yours is more refined, and has a nice interface.

    I would like to set up a system using your software and my softrocks to run a internet websdr.

    Is you software available for experimenting?

    Retired but love tinkering....