Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homebrew 40W WA2EBY linear amp.

After soldering in the header to support LPF/plug-ins the homebrew Hf-packer amp finally made it into an enclosure. Nothing permanent for now, but at least it'll keep some of the rf inside the box. The 2 x IRF510 MOSFETS are visible mounted on heatsink.
The amp delivers 40W output with 1W drive - at 24 Vcc.

The heatsink is pobably a little overkill, but it works! The IRF510's are heating up quite a bit at 20W.
This al enclosure (designed for rf use) was a find at the local surplus store for $5. It came with pre-drilled openings for DB9-style panel mounts - which now double as BNC mount slots.

The lid + heatsink still sitting loose on-top...and I'll have to do better job of running shielded cable to the MOSFETs. (hidden from view here under the heatsink)

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