Saturday, November 7, 2009

PSK31 with Rocky and Softrock 6.3.

Zoomed view of what Rocky can provide, with signals close to each other on the waterfall. Operating PSK directly from the Panadapter is very convenient, and provides a wide-band view while providing the ability to filter down to a usable 25Hz.
Rocky supports demodulation of SSB, CW and PSK31.  It also transmits in CW and PSK31.  It's PSK31 decoder offers exceptional quality...and combined with the Softrock, this platform provides for hours of fun experiments, and trying out different antenna options. 
With the panadapter view of 96KHz (depending on your soundcard) this system can be a very effective tool in antenna experiements.  Signal to noise ratios are now easily visible, and "watching " the band adds a different dimension to hf-monitoring. 
Rocky also allows recording of the entire 96KHz spectrum for later play-back. 

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