Saturday, November 7, 2009

WA2EBY - HF AB linear amp.

Prototyping the WA2EBY broadband amplifier. Using 2 x IRF510 MOSFETs this design is capable of about 16dB gain when supplied with 24V. (1 W in, 40W out) (Output board on the left and Input and TX switching on the right. The heatsink with the 2 x IRF 510's is out of view here. (QST March/April 1999.)

This is the output board - which has the phasing transformer (right) as well as the output balun (left). The rest is the 5V bias supply.

Input circuit, with 1:1 input balun (bottom right) TX relay in the back. Left is 5V bias adjust circuit, driving the MOSFETS in AB mode.
The LPF is fittend in the output to the antenna, and be sure to measure for harmonic suppression before connecting to an antenna.
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